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2019 is going to be a landmark year for TPOM and I sense God saying to us “Make Ready”. I feel for this to be our theme for 2019… Make Ready!


Yes, it is time for us to “Make Ready” for the completion and move into our new sanctuary. There will be many weeks and months of hard work and sleepless nights ahead… but we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


We need to “Make Ready” for the harvest that God has already started…and will continue to bless us with. We must “Make Ready” with discipleship and instruction for this…not only the pastoral staff but the church needs to make ready. We need to “Make Ready” for the fields are white… and the workers are few. We need to “Make Ready” for the new families and individuals that God is sending our way. 


As we reach into our city, we are going to “Make Ready” by serving and helping others through community programs and services. Our desire is for Murfreesboro to know there is an Apostolic church that loves them.


In 2019, we will see God’s Spirit poured out, lives changed, miracles performed, families reunited, and addictions broken. We will see marriages restored, bodies healed, finances gained, and backsliders come home. We need to “Make Ready” for all God has for TPOM in 2019.

Pastor Kevin Allen